tandem bike


today I woke up fearing

that the scenes of yesterday

would have faded like water among reeds

            and found myself

            holding you

the truth is where we began—

a thirst for skin

a yearn for our waters to be disturbed;

and we found ourselves, eels

with electricity in our bloods,

you remember?

that I held myself too close to you.


again, we cycle our tandem bike

            the one you call mine.

when I’m the one holding the front

you tell me you can finally become flesh

and you want us to be each other’s clay

and still breath our own airs

now, I’m learning that I can be an emotion

and still, be clay.


can you both be here?

you who only moves when the song tingles.

                                    am I a tingle enough?

you and that bird,

sitting on my window at 6am

and in the evening

when work has worn me out and chirps

            I offer it grains, hoping

            It won’t stop and will come with friends

can you both be here?

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