Today, I danced with a lady.

Today I danced with a lady.
I have danced before,
On the edges of life with the smithereens of my soul,
And I have danced just for joygasm it gushes out.
Yet the dances have been for me.
As I have danced to the yearnings of my loins
And to the tingle of my nerves.

This dance was different,
It created a tempest within me
When I held her at the brim of her hips
And swirled her at the rise of every harmonic.
With every slide of our feet on the floor
The shrill of her heels bounced off my veil of angst.
As we danced we sighed,
Not of how I long to lift her against the walls of my body-
I would love to.
I’d hold my breath right on hers
Touch every spot on the dancing tiles,
Die and live again to the lyrics of her subtlety.
For right in the confines of my arms,
Beauty was being moulded from the ashes of flowers and henna
And in the violence of my soul, I was being restored.

I wished she could ask me to order her another drink,
It doesn’t matter anyway,
I’ll connive with the waiter to serve her coffee,
With a wave of a rose petal on it,
Since all florists right now have closed.

I wanted to lift her to the skies
And let her waiver in the confines of my muse
For when she’ll drop,
I’ll swim through drowning waters to catch her.

I danced and as I tasted the salinity of my sweat
So did I feast on the bliss of her ecstasy,
And as I let go of all my judgements
I conjoined my peace to hers
And in the moments of her entrapment,
I sat on the cusp of transcendence.
I swayed on the edge of the twilight
For the music was meditative.
Not that it has never been
But for her aura.
For I did find the tunes unstructured
And every sip from the can of her enchantments
Threw me into her uncensored rhythm.

This dance must not end,
For with its exit enters a cure to a poison,
A venom that will summon a similar venom to cure
And that will require a destiny with death.
In awakening my transience I’ll get to join her,
Or merry as she sings amongst her junior seraphs.

I will go tell my boys of this,
For the fact that it’s my first
And the lady didn’t move a muscle.
I did sit on the couch at the edge of the motel,
As her lips did arouse the edges of her tea mug.
And as she stood and adjusted the hug of her dress,
And strolled through the motel door,
I remained glued to my sit.

© 2014.

10 thoughts on “Today, I danced with a lady.”

  1. Some nostalgia in there. Quite profound.
    Always wonder why most girls don’t wanna be muses.
    Anyway, this is concise & particularly detailed in how sentimental & yearnful love is.
    I simply love… what a way to end 2014


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